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about the band

Mel Bryant is a songwriter, bassist, and producer based in Nashville TN, hailing from Long Island New York. Raised on pop punk and musical theatre, folk, and classic rock, her style is expansive and intimate, visceral and vulnerable, combining a classically trained voice with an unbridled ferocity and shameless honesty. 

Her band The Mercy Makers consist of two Philly born best friends, one her brother from another mother, and the other her partner in music and life. 

Brendan Bird, the brother, is a drummer whose inspirations include John Bonham and Steve Gadd, and his playing has been described as an ocean liner - massive and unyielding, yet buoyant and dynamic. His power is undeniable, but it is in his restraint and attention to detail that his magic lies. He also happens to have the voice of an angel. Our secret weapon. 

Conor McCarthy, the partner, is a guitarist, engineer, producer, and composer whose passion for all things progressive propel the band to constantly strive for the unexpected. His heroes span from King Crimson to the Allman Brothers to Radiohead, and he is always finding novelty in the classics, learning from all angles to reach new heights in his playing and production. He can shred with the best of 'em, but he also knows how to intently listen and create thoughtful and intriguing parts and melodies that complement songs in unconventional ways. 

The group records and releases all their own music in a studio they created from an external garage in their backyard. They encapsulate the spirit of a true independent band, running the whole kit and kaboodle out of their house in East Nashville where they garden and raise their firecracker of a rescue dog, Violet. They are currently working on their sophomore album, title TBD, and playing one off shows here and there while they hone their live performance and grow their dedicated fanbase on and off social media. You can follow their endeavors on the site of your choice, but their favorite is Patreon, where you can access exclusive content like full live show videos and unreleased demos while supporting them on a monthly basis. 

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